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Q-Workshop’s Pathfinder Dice Kickstarter Funds in First 24 Hours

Beautiful metallic dice engraved with the Pathfinder logo are the star feature of this new dice set from Q-Workshop, on Kickstarter now!

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studio 6d6 dice

Magic Missile Dice by Studio 6d6

Studio 6d6 presents Magic Missile +1 d4 dice for your wizards! We are checking these and the elemental d6 dice out in this mini product review.

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king's forge cover

Written Review – King’s Forge

Heat up your forge to craft the finest items to show off and become the next King’s Forge! This dice/worker placement game from Nick Sibicky is hard to find but worth the hunt. Check out our thoughts on this Kickstarter success!

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IT Quick News Logo

Quick News Jan 10- Jan 16

Active Duty Warcaster and Warlock lists, Green Bay Packers among our ranks, a special LotR Saga pack, and more in this week’s Quick News!

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artisan dice boxes

Artisan Dice Launches New Dice Crafting Features

In honor of National Dice Day, Artisan Dice releases some new features to their website which may help you make your best dice purchase ever!

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Hex Chest Elder Wood Kickstarter

Video Review – Hex Chest from Elder Wood

The Hex Chest is a compact, elegant, and stylish way to protect and organize your dice for gaming, travel, and much more.

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Dog Might Dice Chest

Video Review – Dice Chest by Dog Might Games

Dog Might is back on Kickstarter with their new product, the Dice Chest. It’s a great way to store dice, and it can even be used as a GM screen when playing your favorite RPGs. Here’s our video review!

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Dog Might Raine Dice Chest

Dog Might Games Returns to Kickstarter with Custom Dice Chests, Already Funded

Dog Might Games is back on Kickstarter with the customizable Dice Chest, perfect for gamers of every shape and size! Funded in just an hour, the campaign is soaring with backers, so check it out!

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play me

Go Down The Rabbit Hole With PlayMe – On Kickstarter

You’ve fallen down, down the rabbit hole, and this whole thing seems awfully familiar. You see a small table with a box where you expect to see a potion; instead of the familiar bottle with a “Drink Me” tag, the box simply says “PlayMe”. Wonderdice-Ludibooster has put together a Kickstarter to fund a dice game […]

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explorer dice set dungeonmorph

DungeonMorph Dice Explorer Sets and More Available

If you’ve ever wanted to create a dungeon to explore with the random roll of a handful of dice, then DungeonMorph Dice can provide you that freedom. Inkwell Ideas has revised their dice and have re-released the Explorer Set, with their other sets soon to follow.

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World Nine Goods Root Dice

Root Dice, by World Nine Goods, Up on Kickstarter

Root Dice – wooden dice made from Bog Woods – are now being funded through Kickstarter.

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Dungeons & Dragons Dice-Building Game Coming Soon From WizKids

WizKids partners with Wizards of the Coast to bring Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters to the table!

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