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Written Review – Lords of Vegas: UP!

Ed re-opens the doors to your favorite gambling game by taking a detailed look at Lords of Vegas: UP!, the expansion to Lords of Vegas. Will it bring your game to new levels? Read this review to find out!

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cross hares testing ground

Video Review – Cross Hares: Testing Ground

Cross Hares: Testing Ground is a strategic terrain-based board game from 1A Games. With a shadowy factory pumping chemicals into the fishing grounds, all sorts of creatures and monsters have been roaming about the land. A group of heroes known as the Cross Hares decide to head down to the factory in Soft Ground to find out what’s going on for themselves.

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Ascension Dawn of Champions Cover

Written Review – Ascension: Dawn of Champions

The gods have left New Vigil in the hands of mortals to allow each faction’s heroes to come forward as Champions. Take control of one of these Heroes and claim victory for the Enlightened, Mechana, Lifebound, or Void!

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Video Review – Golem Arcana: Ashmogh, Urugal Colossus

Want to strike terror in the hearts of your enemies? Check out the Ashmogh colossus golem for the Urugal faction in Golem Arcana. Learn about how it sacrifices its own health while he tears down his opponents’, and then feasts on allies to recover.

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Guest Post: Written Review – Red Dragon Inn

Enter the Red Dragon Inn with your wits about you, or you’ll be drunk under the table! And mind your gold…if you run out, the bar wench will throw you out. No gold, no service! Check out this party game with Daekon and see if it is right for your group.

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Box Cover

Guest Post: Written Review – Betrayal At House On The Hill

Delve into a B-horror board game, Betrayal At House on the Hill, with guest writer Daekon! Will the inevitable betrayal by your friends bring your game to an end? Check out what this game is about and if it would enhance your gaming group.

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Written Review – Tomorrow

Natural disasters are not on the horizon of humanity’s destruction : we are. In Tomorrow, you control a world power with the dark task of reducing the population in order to avoid complete extinction. Will you see the dawn?

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TABLE logo

TABLE 2 Experience

A peek into our experience at TABLE 2 in Grapevine, TX. Board games, mini painting, hobby vendors, and great times. Check out what TABLE offered this year and see if it is something for you in future years!

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Don't Turn Your Back

Written Review – Don’t Turn Your Back (Prototype)

You may not have come voluntarily, but staying won’t be your top priority. Escape Mad City by cashing in favors owed to you by the Nightmares throughout the districts of the city. Impress the Wax King to convince him to let you escape back into the world of the Awake in Don’t Turn Your Back by Evil Hat Productions.

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we have goats

We Have Goats! Coming To Kickstarter May 26th

GOAT-QUAKES. CHUPACABRASAURUS. GOAT-NAMIS. We Have Goats! is coming to Kickstarter next week and it is ready to blow you away.

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Darkest Night Cover

Written Review – Darkest Night

Darkness has all but taken over the kingdom. With the king’s army broken and blight covering the land, only a few brave Heroes stand against the powerful Necromancer and his forces. Check out Darkest Night, an epic fantasy game from Victory Point Games!

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IT Giveaway Regnum Angelica

GIVEAWAY – Regnum Angelica Round 2 [ENDED]

Enter our giveaway to win a copy of Regnum Angelica, an angelic card game like you’ve never seen before! Ends at 11:59PM CST on May 4th, 2015.

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