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Here at I:T, support from sponsors and advertisers is what helps keep us running. We understand that getting to your target audience can take a little more work sometimes. We put our heads together and decided to make some changes to our site setup to help those that help us get more value out of their sponsorship. If you’re looking to get your product/service/voice out to the fan base that frequents our site (male and female gamers, followers of geek culture, parents who are looking for a way to spend valuable time with their children, and all-around well-educated people who look to spend their time in a meaningful way) then please consider sponsoring Initiative : Tabletop.

Ways to help out are:

  • Sponsor the site for a day/week/month
  • Sponsor written reviews
  • Sponsor video reviews
  • Sponsor a demo/event
  • Sponsor our newsletter
  • Feature your product/service on our front page

Each of these sponsorship tiers will help get you better engaged with our readers and offers a level of engagement that regular banner ads can’t compete with. If you’re interested in taking us up on a sponsorship opportunity, contact us at and put Sponsorship in the subject line.