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Dungeons and Dragons: Castle Ravenloft – 30 plays, 13 scenarios…. 6 years to complete the campaign!

All Things D&D – An Intro to my Homebrew Campaign with D&D 5th Edition

For this new year I wanted to write columns that detail my gaming adventures, all with a plan that works. This time it’s all about Dungeons and Dragons 5th, and how my campaign got off to a surprisingly great start!

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Zpocalypse Cover

Video Review – Zpocalypse

Alright, so the zombie apocalypse is here. Of course you need to find food and protect the bunker, but the end is inevitable. With that thought in mind, take out as many of the undead as you can before you bite the bullet and control the top squad in Zpocalypse!

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dino hunt

Raising A Geekling : Part Five

In Part 5 of this ongoing series, Kae discusses playing Dino Hunt and Feed the Woozle, and has some words about handling disappointment when kids lose games.

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12 Days Cover

Written Review – 12 Days

Get in the holiday spirit with 12 Days, and see if it is the right gift for your loved ones! Play the lowest valued card to win gifts, but try to collect sets for end-game scoring to come out on top.

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valley of the kings cover

Written Review – Valley of the Kings

Collect your statues and precious jewels and prepare to take them to the grave by managing your own tomb. Collect Egyptian treasures and stock them in your resting place for an afterlife fit for a pharaoh. Check out Valley of the Kings by Tom Cleaver and see if this deck-builder is right for you!

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box art

Written Review – Epic Death!

Staying alive is great and all, but the greatest tales that go down in history feature heroes that suffer the most epic of deaths. That is exactly your goal in Epic Death!, and Daekon walks you through just how to do that.

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Written Review – Lords of Vegas: UP!

Ed re-opens the doors to your favorite gambling game by taking a detailed look at Lords of Vegas: UP!, the expansion to Lords of Vegas. Will it bring your game to new levels? Read this review to find out!

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nolan nasser tree

Video – Playmat and Mousepad by Nolan Nasser

Raine shows off the quality you’ll get in Nolan Nasser’s Kickstarter for getting his art out into the gaming world! Check out the mats and the project and get some beautiful art on your gaming table.

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dark stories

Video Review – Dark Stories

Join Raine as he shares some macabre tales with Dark Stories from Z-Man Games. In this quick-playing card game players put their investigative skills to the test in trying to decipher exactly what happened with the stories provided via playing cards.

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GenCon 2015 Retrospective

Devon recaps his experience of Gen Con 2015 as a first-time attendee and shares some beautiful photos from the con!

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the one ring cover

Written Review – The One Ring RPG 1st Edition

Jump into Middle Earth with The One Ring RPG, created by Francesco Nepitello, and published by Cubicle 7.

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ubongo dohdles cover

Mini Review of Dohdles and Ubongo Teaser Games from Gen Con 2015

Today we look at two teaser games we picked up at Gen Con 2015 from Thames & Kosmos, a STEM company with brain-stretching games!

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