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Author Page – Kae

Kae didn’t start out as a gamer, but talking to her now you wouldn’t ever be able to tell. Not too long ago she bridged the gap between nerd and gamer, and tabletop became her favored gaming style. It started with the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (yes, she does play WoW), and from there her tastes moved on to RPG’s, deck-building games, and many more. Some of her current favorite games are Battlestar Galactica : The Board Game, Ascension, Mage Wars, Mice & Mystics, Myth, and Warmachine/Hordes.  Somewhat new to being a journalist in the gaming world, Kae is bringing her all in attempts to reach out and help other gamers find their niche.

Though not too competitive, Kae dabbles in Magic: The Gathering and proudly plays red/blue and supports the efforts of the Izzet guild, and runs a pretty fearsome white cat deck, and greatly prefers EDH format. When it comes to new games she’s always down to try them, and with her track record she’ll probably beat you. Kae certainly appreciates gaming art, and produces art on her own. She’s known to be extremely crafty, and always comes up with ideas for new gaming accessories on-the-fly. She’s very eager to bust out into the world of gaming journalism, and she has every plan to dig deeper into the gaming world itself.

When she’s not beating people at games Kae enjoys tattooing, working on art, painting miniatures, reading, sketching, playing with her kid, and being awesome.