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Jordon lives in Bloomington, IN with his wife, two crazy cats, a chubby beagle, and his feisty Jack Russel mix. He has been a life-long lover of board games, film, books, and video games. Topics such as Lovecraftian horror, Tolkien-esque fantasy, Star Trek, Batman,Star Wars, and Heavy Metal might cause him to ramble for hours on end. He got his first taste of RPGs about 15 years ago and hasn't looked back since.

Written Review-Hyperlanes

Hey everyone! I’m here to bring you another product review. This time we’ll be talking about Hyperlanes by Scrivened, LLC. Hyperlanes is an Open Gaming License product for the 5th edition of D&D. However, instead of fantasy, this supplement takes you to worlds of space opera and science fiction, giving you an alternative to your standard Dungeons & Dragons game. A special thanks to Ryan Chaddock for supplying me with a review copy!


This game has everything you’ll need to get a 5th edition sci-fi game off the ground. It provides alternative classes, race building options, stats for ships and weapons, and a system of “Gambits” that replace spells. The alternative classes seem similar to those of the standard 5th ed classes; however, they present new options that give a solid sci-fi feel. Gambits are particularly interesting in that they are heroic, over-the-top actions that your character can perform during those moments when your other class abilities just aren’t cutting it. After reading them over, I was excited to see how cinematic these maneuvers felt. Depending on your class, you can choose from particular schools of Gambits. These schools cover Vehicles, Tactics, Survival, Splicing, Medical, Influence, Engineering, Deception, and Arsenal.

On the technical side, I think the book has a pretty decent layout and I was especially impressed with the illustrations. You can tell that the team at Scrivened were passionate about this project–it shows.

Overall, I enjoyed reviewing this project very much. This is the kind of supplement that is needed to keep the 5th edition system’s longevity and freshness. It’s a solid product and I would suggest getting yourself a copy today!


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