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FAITH: Sci-Fi RPG Core Book and Miniatures Now On Kickstarter

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When games take elements that I really like and combine them I am compelled to try them out and learn as much as I can about them. This is the case with FAITH: the Sci-Fi RPG. Developed by Burning Games, this new role-playing game throws dice out the window in favor of cards, having players make use of a poker-like mechanic that allows them to truly choose their fate during the game. That being said, the game combines to very interesting things to me: card-driven gameplay mechanics and a thick sci-fi theme.

Not long ago Burning Games ran a successful Kickstarter for FAITH: A Garden In Hell, which is a standalone starter set that offers a full adventure for the game. This starter set was a way for the company to get a bit of a teaser, translated into English, into gamers’ hands outside of Spain. The kit includes brilliant components, including a player deck, a NPC deck, a quick-start guide, and character folios for pre-generated PCs. With this campaign successfully funded, Burning Games has once again come back to Kickstarter to fund an English version of the updated Core Rulebook for FAITH, along with some wicked miniatures for use with the game.

Pledging on this new campaign will allow you to get a Core Rulebook for the game in English that is set to deliver later this year in November. What’s more, though, is that you can also pick up an exclusive set of miniatures for the game, including both male and female versions for each of the game’s races. Through the new Kickstarter players will have a perfect jumping-off point to get started with FAITH. Speaking of getting started, here’s a little bit about the setting of FAITH, for those not familiar with the game:

FAITH takes place in a far-future version of our universe, with speculative technology and interstellar travel. Sentient computers and space travel are a reality, as are the dangers of uncharted alien space; daring explorers carry high-power plasma cannons and have their brains directly connected to hacking devices.

Two sentient species dominate the FAITH Universe – the technological, capitalistic Corvo, and the communal, progressive Iz’kal. The colonization race between these two species has shaped their political, social and technological development, and their joint Coalition – created to resist the onslaught of the marauding Ravager species – is the single strongest military force in the known Universe.

The other two prevalent species in the Universe, the militaristic Humans and the tribal Raag, are mostly known as mercenaries for either the Corvo or the Iz’kal in their galactic conflict.

I can’t get enough of this setting. Humans have been exiled from Earth, the only home they’ve ever known, most likely due to their own actions. Floating among the stars, most humans turn to being mercenaries and are hired into the hands of either the Corvo or the Iz’kal. Humanity sort of takes a backseat in FAITH, which I find refreshing. Another breath of fresh air is the game’s card-based system. It reminds me of Malifaux in a way, which I find extremely fun. You’ll play a card that has its own numerical value and suit. The numerical value is added to your appropriate skill and you either pass or fail. Are the consequences of this outcome not that horrid? Play some low cards. Do you really, really need to pass this? Dump your big cards. It puts a lot of power in the players’ hands and makes for amazing storytelling.

If you’re looking for a new tabletop RPG that’s sure to get your blood flowing, give FAITH a shot. Head on over to the Kickstarter page to learn more and even see some video footage on how to play the game. Gather your credits, slap down a pledge, and walk away with some awesome loot. We’ll be reviewing the FAITH: Garden In Hell starter set very soon, so stay on alert if you’re looking to see more about the FAITH universe!