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Ninja Division to Release Starfinder Pre-Painted Miniatures

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Ninja Division, the company that brought us Super Dungeon Explore! and Ninja All-Stars, has shaken hands with Paizo, entering into a partnership that none of us saw coming. The team will work together to release the Starfinder Miniatures collection – the first officially licensed miniatures for the adventures that players, worldwide, will start experiencing with the launch of the Starfinder RPG. The range of pre-painted miniatures will include both adventurers and the ships they use to traverse space, both scaled appropriately to use as gameplay pieces for their unique roles in the Starfinder game system.

John Cadice, Creative Director for Ninja Division said about the partnership, “Ninja Division has been working hard with Paizo to create a line of pre-painted miniatures for gamers. We are all fans of miniatures here, and lovers of Paizo’s fantastic RPG worlds. Starfinder has not disappointed in the richness of the races and designs we get to help bring to life for players. On the Paizo side of things, Creative Director James L. Sutter expressed his excitement for the new line, saying, “The sculpts that Ninja Division have been creating for both characters and starships have been blowing our minds with their artistry and obvious love of the genre. I’m especially excited about the ships—I can’t wait to see the looks on my players’ faces the first time I pull out a bunch of the starship miniatures for a space battle!

I’m a fan of both Paizo and Ninja Division. I’m intrigued to see what Ninja Division brings to the table with their miniatures line for Starfinder. Most of the community is used to seeing chibi anime-esque models put out by the company and it’ll be a breath of fresh air to see some different work hit the table. I’m particularly excited for the starships, but truly I just can’t wait to see anything that the partnership stirs up.