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Starfinder Society Organized Play Announced, Kicks Off At Gen Con 2017

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One of the main reasons why I’m headed to Gen Con this year (aside from the fact that it’s pretty much my gamer family tradition now) is to get involved with all things Starfinder. Paizo announced that the new sci-fi RPG will be releasing at Gen Con this year, along with some goodies to get players up and running with the new rules and setting. What’s also going to be launching alongside the RPG is the new Starfinder Society organized play program, taking players into the darkness of space like never before.

Those who are familiar with the Pathfinder Society organized play program will no doubt see similarities with the program for Starfinder. Officially titled the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild, here’s what to expect when the program launches in August this year:

Starfinder Society will be a brand new global, cooperative roleplaying campaign with its own quests, scenarios, rules, documentation and characters. The team behind Starfinder Society will be a familiar one to gamers already playing in the Pathfinder Society, and will be led by organized play coordinator Tonya Woldridge, with John Compton taking on the role of lead developer of both Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society, and the addition of Thurston Hillman to the team as Starfinder Society developer. Hillman has been a part of Pathfinder Society since Season One, when he authored Pathfinder Society Scenario #55: The Infernal Vault. The volunteer team of venture-officers will also remain the same for both campaigns.

Since the original announcement for Starfinder players have requested a new organized play format to support the game. Paizo jumped right in to give players what they asked for, and the Starfinder Society is their answer. I’m interested to see how things will play out with this program just as much as I’m excited to get back into Pathfinder Society and run my characters through new adventures. We’ll get more info on the program once it launches this August.