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Hunters Mark : Adventure/Sourcebook for D&D 5th by Game Natural on Kickstarter

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Are you sick of the run-of-the-mill adventures in your tabletop RPG games? Are those age-old quests getting, well, old? The team over at Game Natural surely thinks so, and that’s why they’re offering the Hunter’s Mark sourcebook for D&D 5th Edition, which is now being funded via Kickstarter.

Hunter’s Mark: Long Live the Hunt is a brand new D&D 5th Edition sourcebook that will turn your games upside down. This book is an adventure for first through tenth level characters, and while it serves as guidebook for players and their characters, it also acts as a powerful resource for Game Masters to really hone in on their adventures. In addition to thirty bounties with full-color artwork, the book includes three main features: rules for bounties, crafting, and guild pets. In short, the book provides gaming groups with an immersive, customizable experience where players can turn any bestiary into a monster hunting campaign.

Gary Simpson, the founder of Game Natural had this to say about the book:

“Inspired by action role-playing video games like Shadow of the Colossus, Darks Souls, and Monster Hunter, we wanted to design a story to give gaming groups everything they need to create a fast and furious play experience. This includes killing or capturing dangerous monsters like basilisks, manticore, dragons and many more custom designed bounties. We also created the guild pets feature which facilitates the development of gamers’ personalized playstyles.”

All that being said, this is not an adventure to undertake lightly. The Kickstarter warns: “Look, we’re not going to sugar coat it – many of the bounties are punishing. Do not get this if you are afraid of total party kills. Do not get this if you want a relaxing game session.” If you think you’ve got what it takes, suit up and get out there to hunt some monsters. You can grab a copy of Hunter’s Mark for $30, and the campaign even offers files for Fantasy Grounds, so don’t hold back – to the victor go the spoils!