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Jordon lives in Bloomington, IN with his wife, two crazy cats, a chubby beagle, and his feisty Jack Russel mix. He has been a life-long lover of board games, film, books, and video games. Topics such as Lovecraftian horror, Tolkien-esque fantasy, Star Trek, Batman,Star Wars, and Heavy Metal might cause him to ramble for hours on end. He got his first taste of RPGs about 15 years ago and hasn't looked back since.

Written Review – D&D 5th : Curse of Strahd

curse of strahd cover

Hey there, everyone! Jordon here again with another D&D product review. This time we delve into “Curse of Strahd” from Wizards of the Coast. This is a gothic horror adventure path that leads players all throughout the dreaded realm of Barovia, including Castle Ravenloft. Since this is such a long and plot heavy tome, I’ll go over why the product is a must have:

  • Characters will start at level 1 and will proceed all the way to level 10 (if they survive).
  • The book boasts 256 pages, a full size map (in back), and countless hours of play. It’s quite a good deal for the $49.95 payout.
  • It’s written with the assistance of the original creators of the “Ravenloft” setting, Tracy and Laura Hickman.
  • The “Elements of Horror” section provides great inspiration for any horror themed game.
  • The Tarokka (Tarot) deck is a creative way to create foreshadowing and build intrigue.
  • The art is fantastic and captures the theme of haunted lands, cursed people, and gothic architecture with enthusiasm. The book even goes so far as to give you full pages of Tarokka cards, precise geographical layouts, and hand-written notes from the man… er… vampire himself, Strahd Von Zarovich.
  • The book not only gives you weird places and people to discover, but spooky trinkets and tainted items.

All in all, this book was a fun, plot heavy read with tons of mystery and suspense. It has beautiful art with plenty of strange characters and mysterious locations. For the price, it’s an excellent deal and I would suggest picking up a copy at your local game store.

New IT Buy This Supplement ButtonThanks to Wizards of the Coast for providing a copy of D&D 5th: Curse of Strahd for review!


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