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MAGE Company At Gen Con, Get A Chance to Get A Bag of Loot [Gen Con 2016]

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MAGE Company will be in full force this year and they’re bringing all of their hits with them. Here’s a list of limited pack offers you can get from the company this year at booth 2940:

Wrong Chemistry + Expand Your Lab + Bonus Nobel Prize Scientists: $25


Res Publica: 2230AD + Sleeves = $30


Raid & Trade + Cora the Specialist: $60


Hoyuk + MCG Hoyuk Sleeves: $50


The Cohort: $15


Carrotia: $20

In addition to the awesome games above, you can pick up 12 Realms: the base game and 12 Realms: Ghost Town. MAGE Company will also be demoing the new standalone game in the 12 Realms series, 12 Realms: Dungeonland! Of course, the company will also have all of your other favorite titles and base game copies of the ones mentioned above.

Finally, since it’s their first time at the convention MAGE Company wants to make the visit strong. All throughout the con you can get a chance to win a Free Bag on the Spot, a special bag filled with MAGE Company products. The way to win said bag is to simply visit the booth and play MAGE Company games! You get to play fun games and win awesome stuff – this is why we love Gen Con! Make sure you don’t miss out, and help make MAGE Company’s first year a success!