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Playbook for Pathfinder Now Available on iPad

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A little while ago we mentioned that a company called Trapdoor Technologies was working on an app for Pathfinder that allowed you to keep all of your rules, campaigns, characters, and more right in one place. Well, there’s good news today, weary travelers. The Playbook for Pathfinder app is now available on the iOS for the iPad.

Playbook For Pathfinder lets players to roll-up and manage characters, while Game Masters can purchase and prep adventures and campaigns for the game. The app features quick rules look-up, information sharing, stat tracking for monsters and PCs, and more. The app will also include the game’s complete rules set, artwork, connection with Pathfinder Society Organized Play events, and an extensive library of Pathfinder adventures. New content releases will be available each Tuesday, with additional adventures and rulebooks being added throughout the year.

Trapdoor will also be working closely with the Paizo team to create a sister app for the new RPG releasing in 2017. You can learn more about the Playbook app on the Trapdoor site. Right you you can pick up the app for free on the App Store along with a free one-month trial. Check out the app and get yourself organized!