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Halo: Ground Command is the Game Halo Fans Have been Waiting For

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When Spartan Games announced Halo: Fleet Battles, I’ll admit I was pretty excited. I thought it would be awesome to play as the Covenant or UNSC shooting it out in space. Still, what I really wanted just wasn’t a sure thing – that is, until now. My excitement jumped to levels I couldn’t imagine with Spartan Game’s newest announcement: Halo: Ground Command.

In Halo: Ground Command players take the side of either the Covenant or the UNSC as they tirelessly battle across the war-torn world of Reach. From giant-scale armor battles at Szurdok Ridge to the stalwart defense of New Alexandria, Halo: Ground Command offers battles both large and small for fans. The game uses 1/100 scale figures and vehicles to help bring battles to life, all while utilizing powerful, yet easy-to-master game mechanics for enthusiasts of all levels.

Spartan Games is offering a starter box that will give players access to everything they will need to start waging war on Reach. Inside you’ll find:

  • a full-color rulebook
  • stats and reference sheets for both the UNSC and Covenant forces
  • 20 custom dice and 6 Halo Command dice
  • damage, activation, and cooldown tokens
  • Halo scenery from the game
  • a 1000-point UNSC Battle Force
  • a 1000-point Covenant Battle Force

The lowdown for the battle forces are as follows:

UNSC 1000 Point Battle Force
Including 1 x Officer, 1 x Medic, 1 x Radio Operator, 2 x Snipers, 2 x Spotters, 2 x 2-man HMG Teams, 2 x 2-man Missile Teams, 27 x Troopers, 2 x Warthogs (Gatling, Gauss and Rocket Weapons for each) and 1 x Spartan
Covenant 1000 Point Battle Force
Including 1 x Elite Ultra, 2 x Elite Minor, 3 x Elite Majors, 6 x Grunts with Fuel Rods, 24 x Grunt Minors, 3 x Ghosts with Grunt Operator and 2 x Hunters
The game is meant to be played as a modular miniatures game, which means that while picking up the starter box is a great way to get into the game, each Battle Force can easily be expanded upon. Personally I’d love a UNSC Battle Force with a team of Mongooses driven by dudes with rocket launchers. On the other hand, you could run a Covenant force with a bazillion grunts and overrun your opponent in no time. The game will be on display at the UK Salute 2016 show, and it’ll begin shipping this summer. You can pick up your own starter box for about $92.00 right now on the Spartan site, so get your trigger fingers ready and pick up a copy for yourself!