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Video Review – The Dragon Sheath by Dog Might Games

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Have you ever wanted to set yourself at the higher ground of gaming inner circles? Have you longed to have that one product that, when you pull it out of your gaming bag at your game night, just drops your fellow gamers’ jaws in the blink of an eye? If so, then look no further than the Dragon Sheath – a brand new product from Dog Might Games up now on Kickstarter!

This little diddy is a wooden masterpiece, consisting of two solid and detailed pieces of your chosen wood held together in a clamshell design by recessed magnets. You can customize the inside of the Sheath and use it to transport dice, miniatures, and more! Dog Might was kind enough to send me one and I have it right here to show you in a video! Make sure you wear a bib while watching, though, and when it’s done go slap down a pledge to grab your very own custom-made Dragon Sheath!