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Cubicle 7 Releases Cthulhu Tales Card Game on Kickstarter

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From the same folks that brought you Hobbit Tales comes a new story-telling game set in the world of the Cthulhu mythos! Cubicle 7 has taken to Kickstarter with their new game where you start out in a sanatorium and you must convince those around you that you’re sane enough to go home. Can you tell your story correctly, or will those around you judge you unstable?

Cthulhu Tales will come with full color story cards, a rulebook, treatment tokens, a 12 sided die, and a board to guide the game. With a pledge of approx $30USD, you get a fully copy of the game. The only stretch goal is a new customized die, but Cubicle 7 is straightforward and wants backers to know that they’re not doing a lot of fancy stretch goals, but want to give gamers an opportunity to get the game before it hits (and hopefully quickly leaves) store shelves. They want to have the game delivered by summer 2016.

Cthulhu Tales looks like a lot of fun, and with the right people, could be a group favorite. They are almost funded and the project will end on December 17th. While you may not have it in your hands for the holidays, it’d be a nice gift to tell your loved ones that you are getting one of the first copies for them – all it will take is patience…and some sanity to get it into their hands.