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Syrinscape Announces Board Game Player App, Bringing Sounds to Your Board Games!

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Everyone knows how awesome it is to spice up your RPG games with sounds of dungeons, dragon roars, and mighty battles of old. It’s just a fact now that adding a soundset to your game sets it apart from any other gaming session you’ve had previously. While it’s all fun and games (See what I did there?) to add some magic to your RPG sessions, wouldn’t it be just as awesome to add some sound to your board gaming sessions?

With the newly-released Board Game Player App you can do just that! Syrinscape, the leader in sound systems for your gaming needs, has just released this new app that can bring classic board games – like Chess, Sudoku, and more – to a brand new level. Not only will you get “oohs,” “aahs,” and “huzzahs” from your dice rolls, but you’ll be able to set up all sorts of sounds for whatever games you play. The app is totally free to download, and it is on all platforms you can imagine – Windows, Mac, tablets, and phones!

Along with the release of the new app Syrinscape is offering its first specialized soundset for the app, which happens to be all about Catan. That’s right – get all your sheep sounds, brick-laying sounds, wood-cutting sounds, and much more with the new Catan companion set for the Board Game Player App. For $9.99 you’ll be able to bring your games of Catan to life with more sounds you can imagine. Honestly, things do seem to get a bit cheerier with the app running sounds in the background. Hearing cities bustle, wood being freshly cut, and sheep crying as you trade them for small pieces of ore really takes my mind off the fact that I’m losing horribly. Make sure you check the app out today!