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Kickstarter Preview – Infected Zombie RPG

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Five years after an earth-shattering outbreak in which 75% of the world’s population dies, those that are left are in shambles, along with their surroundings. A new RPG from author Oliver Shead called Infected! allows you to create a character in this world that is trying to re-establish some order and society in the chaos that the outbreak left behind.

The Immersion RPG system has been play tested for over 5 years, and Infection! specifically has been playtested for over a year. This isn’t your ordinary zombie RPG. Sure, you’ll have complex battle which you will have to overcome based on what kind of character you create, but there is a bigger monster to defeat: humanity without order. What role will you have in reclaiming society? Or will you fight to keep the chaos?

With the Infected RPG, along with you in the world are the Infected, but sadly not all bad things were wiped out in the process of eliminating the initial outbreak. Thieves, cons, and the general crazy people of the world are also on the loose, and won’t always appear as such. This 250 page book will provide you with information to create characters, sample adventures, NPC’s, and more. Immersion RPG is a classless, levelless system that allows for a lot of freedom in character creation and flexibility throughout the game. It runs on a 2d10 system.

A $18 pledge will you get you the PDF of the RPG rules and a $45 pledge will get you the PDF and hardcover versions of the book. They’ve already unlocked a lot of juicy stretch goals including reference cards and more artwork for the book. Add ons available include things like a GM screen, dice, and so much more to complete your game!

What do we think? I’ve played a lot of zombie RPG’s, and some I’ve been less than enthused about, just because freqently the premise has been the same : find an object, hit zombies with it, don’t get bit, wash-rinse-repeat. However, the character creation for this game (you can see sample sheets on the Kickstarter) is much more than that. Your morality as a character plays a large part into how the game goes and whether you are really on your co-players’ team or not. I like the idea that not everyone on your team might have humanity’s best interests at heart, because you really get the feeling of a societal collapse and the ethical issues that would surely arise.

Infected! RPG will be on Kickstarter until September 19th, so you have time to check out all of the awesome goodies on the Kickstarter page and get your funds together!