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Magic Missile Dice by Studio 6d6

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Good news for RPG players that love that wizard class! Earlier this year, Cosmo-Joe of Studio 6d6 ran a Kickstarter project to fund some fun new dice just for gamers that love throwing magic missile around like it is candy! He was nice enough to send us some dice to check out, and we wanted to share some photos!

These dice are designed for the magic missile +1 spell, and your +1 is already factored into the dice. these d4’s are numbered 2-5 for easy damage calculation. These dice feature various colors, too. The dice come black or white with varied color image inlay. The white dice have stars in the center of the numbers, and the black dice feature a skull. In our games we used the star dice for PC’s and skull dice for enemy/boss damage.

Additionally, a set of element dice were sent with the missile dice. The dice featured are Acid, Fireball, Sonic, Electricity, and Frost. The die face that shows the special image is the “6” location, and the designs are pretty straight-forward, but the designs combined with the die colors go well together.

While mostly opaque, my favorite of the elemental dice was Frost because it was transparent! The fact that I like ice spells may or may not factor into how much I love this particular die.

They are well balanced, not favoring any particular side over another. I think having the +1 bonus already factored into the die makes damage rolls quick and easy.

We enjoyed using the Magic Missile +1 set as well as the Elemental dice and think they’d make great additions to your game if you play a wizard, or you’re a GM who likes to throw in a lot of wizardly chaos into your games! These dice and more (such as healer dice!) are available via Studio 6d6’s Custom Dice website!