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Paizo Revels In Prosperity After Gen Con 2015, New Lovecraftian Adventure Path Announced

Pathfinder Occult Adventures

Gen Con 2015 was amazing, and I am still finding myself reveling in the fun we had while at the event. While we are more than happy with how the convention went this year, there’s another group of people that are celebrating not only an amazing event, but an amazing year. That group would be none other than the company Paizo, the creators of the hit tabletop RPG Pathfinder.

They’ve taken the time to recover, restock, and crunch numbers from the convention this year and have a lot to show for themselves. After seeing thousands of players enjoy Pathfinder events in the Sagamore Ballroom, soaring with extremely high sales, and having the largest booth at the convention in their history, Paizo is celebrating justly.

Pathfinder Society, Paizo’s organized play system for Pathfinder, shined this year with 180 game tables seeing players this year. The tables were split, with 160 tables being dedicated to the Pathfinder RPG and the remaining 20 being reserved for the Adventure Card Game. A total of 1300 players participated in events this year, which is a new record for the company overall.

The Occult Adventures supplement released this year at the convention, and it was a definite hot seller. The book adds six new playable classes for players to explore, including my personal favorite: the Spiritualist. The book also takes a deeper look into all things occult, whether it be rituals to summon demon gods or ways to turn your home campaigns into something spooky for your players. We’ll have a review on Occult Adventures soon, so stay tuned!

Perhaps some of the biggest news from the company this year has to do with the announcement of a brand new Adventure Path line for Pathfinder, entitled Strange Aeons. For quite some time players have been looking for ways to twist their campaigns into horrific Lovecraft-inspired adventures, and with Strange Aeons they can do just that. This Cthulhu-inspired Adventure Path will see players go mad with its tale of horrors unseen.

James Jacobs, Creative Director for Paizo, had this to say about the new Adventure Path:

“The Strange Aeons Adventure Path pits a your characters against a threat from the depths of time, space, and madness itself. From your awakening as amnesiac prisoners in an asylum ruled by nightmares to a final confrontation against an enemy far older than humanity itself, this horror-themed Adventure Path draws upon the writings and traditions of H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos and ties into Paizo’s upcoming Horror Adventures hardcover rulebook in a campaign sure to drive even the bravest of heroes to the brink of insanity… and beyond!”

This new Adventure Path will release in August of next year, along with the newest hardcover book for the tabletop RPG: Horror Adventures. Where Strange Aeons is a pre-built adventure of terror, Horror Adventures is the companion you need to build Cthulhu-esque adventures right inside of your own home campaign. If you’ve been waiting to help bring the madness home in Pathfinder, then we’re horrified to say that your wait is coming to an end!


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