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One of Raine's biggest hobbies has always been gaming. It all started with an Atari and spread out to Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: the Gathering, and Dungeons & Dragons. As an artist, Raine takes pride in painting models for games as well as making his own terrain. He's also been a writer for many years, working both in the journalism industry and writing pieces of fiction. He decided to create Initiative : Tabletop as a platform to talk about all things gaming that he simply thought were cool, and reviewing games became a part of it!

Gen Con Day 2015 Day 3 Recap – With Raine

It’s hard to believe, but day 3 at Gen Con 2015 is behind us. This one was a special day this year, as Kae and I both went to the con fully clad in cosplay! Cosplaying is something we’ve both been doing more of since we moved out to Texas, and we wanted to be sure to bring a little something to the biggest gaming convention of the year. With Kae favoring Harley Quinn, I needed to come up with something that matched her in awesomeness. After mulling it over in my head I thought, “Why not do a Joker?” That’s exactly what I did, and I put my spin on the cosplay. Here’s how we arrived at the con today:

Raine and Kae Joker and Harley Gen Con 2015

Aren’t we a match made in Arkham?

I was extremely happy with how the costume turned out, and many others were as well! We got stopped for tons of photos, and it was an amazing morning. Once we were tired of sweating off all of our makeup we decided to head back to the Joker-mobile and get ready for a romp around the convention floor.

We decided to take a look at some things we were personally interested in, including taking a look at the new Portal game from Cryptozoic (Which we will be demoing tomorrow!). I managed to pick up a new starter pack for a trading card game called Force of Will, which has turned out to be a pretty fun game. Think if Magic: the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! had a lovechild, and you’d pretty much have Force of Will. The card art is fantastic, and the gameplay is quick and fun. We’ll surely be talking more about this game real soon.

While perusing the halls I made sure to take a pit-stop at the Greenbrier Games booth. Just recently they funded two Kickstarter games: Yashima and Fairy Tale, and I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to paint models from these games to be put on display at this convention. I wanted to check out the display, and to my surprise most of my work was right in front of everyone to see! I am so humbled to have anything I’ve worked on be at an event such as Gen Con, and I hope to do more in the future! Check out the photos below:

Yashima models on display!

Yashima models on display!

Exclusive Mage Wars model for Yashima.

Exclusive Mage Wars model for Yashima.

Of course you can't forget about Heavy Steam!

Of course you can’t forget about Heavy Steam!

After a little jog around the Exhibit Hall we journeyed to find our friends from Black Locust, the team that brought us Regnum Angelica. This year we were excited to find out that they were debuting playtesting for their new title, The Opulent. The idea behind the game is that the players are all running a different part of a speakeasy in the 1920’s. Each player takes the role of either the doorman, the manager, the band, or the barkeep. Each station plays out like its own minigame where players will need to manage patrons in order to keep customers coming through the door. Players have to work together, however, as each station needs to operate in succession to the others. Plenty of people lined up for demos and Black Locust was able to get a lot of constructive feedback on the game. We’ll have more opportunity to see an in-depth look at the game very soon!

The Opulent - running a speakeasy never looked so fun!

The Opulent – running a speakeasy never looked so fun!

Our meat and ‘taters from the day was an interview we had with Erik Mona, head mastermind over at Paizo. We got to take a look at what’s been the big talk of the convention this year, what’s coming up shortly, and what he thinks is cool within the Pathfinder world. To start things off he showed us what had everyone reeling at this year’s convention, the new Occult Adventures supplement. This new book adds 6 spooky classes to the RPG, each with their own special tie to occultism within the world of Golarion. These classes all draw from specific occult archetypes, and players now have the ability to play as the Kineticist, Medium, Mezmerist, Occultist, Psychic, or Spiritualist. One of my favorite things Mona stated while we were talking was his description of the book: “You know how, back in the day, everyone used to say that playing Dungeons & Dragons would lead you to worshipping the devil or something crazy like that? Yeah, well this book is basically that.” Either way you look at it, the Occult Adventures is a new way to look at spiritualism within the world of Pathfinder. There will be plenty of doors that open in the game with this new supplement, and we’ll tell you more about it in our upcoming review.

Up next with the Paizo guru was the upcoming release of a brand new Adventure Path entitled Hell’s Rebels. Showing us one of only two existing print editions in the U.S., Mona explained that this Adventure Path would focus around the nation known as Cheliax. In short, a civil war has broken out within the nation and players will embody freedom fighters rising up against the regime attempting to bring what they call order to the land. Following Hell’s Rebels we’ll see Hell’s Vengeance, an Adventure Path that will put players in the boots of evil characters in their own campaign.

Fight for Cheliax in Hell's Rebels!

Fight for Cheliax in Hell’s Rebels!

Finally we headed over to the numerous glass cases lining the Paizo booth and gazed upon what might be the cutest, yet menacing things I’ve ever seen. Paizo has been hard at work on their new line of figures, what with releasing the iconic heroes in their own packs, and with this comes exactly what you’d expect: customizable goblin figures. That’s right, very soon Paizo will be releasing 5 different colored goblins, each complete with different weapons that can be posed in their grubby little claws. The plans right now are to make 300 of each colored goblin, and if they sell well (Like they won’t, right?) the company will look into making more, possibly even from the We Be Goblins line.



Of course, the Wrath of the Righteous Base Set for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game released not too long ago, and it’s been doing really well. I’m excited for what’s coming from Paizo, and we’ve got plenty planned in terms of reviews for Pathfinder very soon.

After our Paizo meeting we raced back to the hotel to clean up after our day of cosplay and get some gaming in. We swung in a Force of Will game and managed to sleeve up the new copy of Versus I grabbed. I’m quite happy with the convention so far, and tomorrow will certainly be bittersweet as it always is. If there’s anything you guys specifically want to see, make sure to holler at us on Twitter (@InitTabletop) or on Facebook!


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