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A Natural History of the Fantastic on Kickstarter

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Ever wondered what the structure inside of some of your favorite mythical beasts looked like? Or just wanted more history than what a quick description in a bestiary can provide? You’re in luck because Christopher Stoll has created such a reference book called A Natural History of the Fantastic. This art/reference book is funding on Kickstarter right now and is great for gamers and designers alike.

Take a look at the histories and biological curiosities such as Dragons, Undead, Cyclops, Mermaids, Kraken, and so much more. The book comes with 120 illustrated pages full of facts and information on these mythical creatures and the more that is pledged, the more creatures and content will be added. Backers have already unlocked prints and maps, and further stretch goals will add more illustrations and creatures to the book.

A pledge of $15 will get you a PDF download of the book, and $25 gets you a paperback copy for your library shelf. A Natural History of the Fantastic will be on Kickstarter until July 27th. Help bring this beautiful reference book to life and check out the project today!