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Video Review – Dog Might Adventure Case

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It’s that time again, folks. Dog Might Games has cranked their awesomeness up to eleven and they’re back again with an amazing gaming accessory. This time around we’re looking at the Adventure Case, a convenient storage solution for all your tabletop RPG needs. This product holds your dice, acts as a dice rolling tray, and even can work as a GM screen for hiding dice rolls from players.

As with their other products, the Adventure Case has its own Kickstarter campaign to help fund its production. Through the Kickstarter backers can put all sorts of bells and whistles on their Adventure Cases, ranging from special wooden carvings to LED lights on the inside of the chest! You can pick up your own standard Adventure Case for $75 ($87 with the lights), though it won’t have the doors and compartments inside. A pledge of $90 will get you the custom Adventure Case, complete with the doors and compartments inside.

Dog Might is asking for $1000 to fund these chests, and I think they’ll see that goal within record time. I was able to get my very own Adventure Case to show off to all of our readers/followers, and I couldn’t be happier. Check out our little video review below, and brace yourself for the awesome contained within!