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Currently a gamer of many formats; Angela enjoys console gaming as well as tabletop gaming, where her favorite lies in her forever love of Magic: The Gathering. She is also first and foremost a mother, a lover of arts, specifically photography, writing, and reading. Angela loves all games and looks forward to getting her hands on a variety of genres.

Bad Beets to Release Summer 2015


Stone Blade Entertainment has announced the upcoming release for Bad Beets, the company’s first physical game release since the award winning Ascension deck-building game. In the beginning of Summer 2015 you will be able to get Bad Beets for purchase online as well as at participating retailers for only $14.99.

Now, what is Bad Beets? Bad Beets is a face-paced bluffing card game that consists of players needing to eat their vegetables. Bad Beets is a game that has been designed to play with the whole family. Designed for two to give gamers, from ages eight and up. At the beginning of the game each player starts the game with eight Beet cards that they must finish before they can leave the dinner table. Lets be honest, this is very reminiscent of everyone’s childhood with a side of vegetables, but beets? These beets are just straight up… Bad.

“Stone Blade Entertainment’s goal with bad Beets was to make a fun, fast-paced casual game that anyone can enjoy,” said Justin Gray, founder and CEO, Stone Blade Entertainment. “We’re really proud of this game and hope to create a memorable gameplay experience for all.”


Bad Beets is a race for players to get rid of their Beets in any way possible. There are 15 cards in each deck. Now it is time to get rid of these Beets, whether that is by Feeding the Dog, Sharing with another player, or even actually Eating them yourself. Players can try to rid of their Beets however they want, but if another player calls them out, they can only dispose of their Beets if they have the right card in their hand.


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