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D&D Releases 3rd Episode of DM Support Group

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Being a DM is hard. Between preparing for games, players trying to steer the story with their own conjecture, and being constantly put on the spot, a DM has to try and keep the game under control. Sometimes, this is like trying to herd cats. As a tribute – and support for – DM’s, Wizards of the Coast released 3 episodes of a mini-show called the DM Support Group for the month of February.

In the first episode, they discuss balance in games by either limiting the number of magic items they possess, or how many they can use at a time, so that the players don’t just walk over appropriate encounters like they were nothing. In the second, they discuss using the Dungeon Master’s Guide to get out of a rut and excite the players. Also, snakes. In the final episode that was updated yesterday, they talk about getting into DM’ing after a long break, and how to use the updated tools to put quick campaigns together on the fly.

With plenty of humor, but some really useful tips, the DM Support Group mini series will take up 10 minutes of your time, and is broken into the three videos to watch at your convenience if you’re a busy bee. You can even catch up and review them while your players take a snack/bathroom/whatever-it-is-they-do break. Enjoy, and happy DM Appreciation Month!