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Gen Con Announces Registration and Housing Changes for 2015


Gen Con has just announced that they’ve made some changes to the registration and housing for Gen Con 2015. Attendees will experience a more user-friendly housing system, where housing codes are done away with completely. Now housing will be based off of purchased badges, and everyone will be put into a queue where they can access the housing portal one at a time. Gen Con is calling this Managed Access to Housing Portal.

What’s more, there will now be nightly limits and minimum stays required when selecting housing. Attendees will no longer be able to grab a hotel room for one night and move around the downtown area. There will be a nightly minimum attached to rooms, and one room can be reserved for every two people that have purchased two eligible badges.

Speaking of badges, their cost has increased for this year. A 4-day badge will now cost $80 during pre-registration. Another change that I am excited about is that press registration will coincide with standard registration this year, so members of the press won’t have to wait to register for the convention. This should ease press housing a bit, which gives me some hope.

Here’s the skivvy straight from the Gen Con press release:

Managed Access to Housing Portal
In response to customer requests, Gen Con’s Housing Registration will change from a first-come, first-serve system to a new system that is intended to make the process smoother and more efficient. Customers will access the Housing Portal through the Gen Con website exclusively, and housing reservations will require a valid Gen Con 2015 badge. The new housing registration process will no longer use housing access codes.

When Housing Registration opens at noon (Eastern) on Sunday, January 25, all customers who have purchased eligible badges will be randomly entered into a queue and then given access to the Housing Portal, one at a time. This will distribute the high demand on the Housing Portal over approximately one-to-two hours, instead of a minute or two as in previous years.

“Gen Con’s global fan base has grown rapidly with customers arriving from all 50 states, each Canadian province, and more than 40 countries,” said Adrian Swartout, CEO of Gen Con. “This year’s housing changes are intended to help accommodate as many customers as possible. Balancing rising demand for rooms with record numbers of exhibitors and event organizers is an ongoing challenge that the Gen Con team is prepared to address.”

Room Limits, Nightly Minimum Stays
Customers may reserve one room for every two people that they have purchased eligible badges for in 2015. Reserving housing also will require a Nightly Minimum Stay (NMS) to secure rooms. NMS refers to the minimum number of consecutive nights needed to book a reservation. This modification will increase the likelihood that customers can stay in the same housing property throughout their entire stay. NMS are not required for suburban housing properties.

For more information on housing and a complete list of NMS requirements per arrival day, customers can go to www.gencon.com/attend/2015hotelchanges <http://www.gencon.com/attend/2015hotelchanges>.

2015 Badge Prices
Gen Con badge prices will undergo a year-over-year price increase, the only standard badge price increase in the past three years. 4-Day Badges will increase year-over-year by $10, while single-day badge prices will rise by $5. A 4-Day Gen Con 2015 Badge now will cost $80 during Badge Pre-Registration, which begins on January 23.

Interested parties can find additional information on Gen Con 2015 at gencon.com or can email customerservice@gencon.com to learn more.

I’m already feeling excited for this year’s Gen Con, and we have a lot planned for the event. This year will be quite different for us since we’ll be traveling back to Indiana from Texas. On top of that we’re beginning to plan what we’ll do this year, so stay tuned for some excitement. Until then, tell us how you feel about the new Housing and Registration changes. Do you think they’ll help or hinder attendees?


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