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DFW Nerd Night – Gaming for Great Causes

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One of the reasons why I was excited about moving here to Texas, and more specifically the Dallas Fort-Worth area, is that there’s a great group of people here that game each month for various great different causes. They call themselves the Nerd Nighters, and this past weekend I got lucky enough attend my very first ever DFW Nerd Night. We all got together to play games, meet new players, have tons of fun, and support a great program.

The Nerd Nighters got started with the idea that tabletop gamers are “uniquely qualified to build better local communities because of the relationships forged by playing games.” I’d have to say I agree with this motto completely, and since the Nerd Nighters got started their little group has grown into quite a loving family. Each month the group goes to the Ronald McDonald Houses of the Fort Worth and Dallas to play games with the families living there. On top of these events there are specialized events where the group raises money for specific causes.

This past weekend the group gathered in both Plano and Arlington, Texas to support The Women’s Center. During the event the Nerd Nighters gamed and accepted donations – specifically teddy bears – for the facility. The Women’s Center provides rape counseling , victim services, and employment solutions for women in need.

Specifically I attended the event in Plano, and the turnout was great. Many gamers showed up to play tons of different games, and plenty of donations were raised for The Women’s Center. I got to play some Golem Arcana, chat with the locals, meet new gamers, and begin what I believe is a great journey with some amazing people. The Nerd Nighters pour their all into everything they do, and they want nothing more than to make a better community by playing one game at a time. Check out the photos below, and look forward to more continued coverage of the Nerd Night events that come through! For more information on the Nerd Nighters and the work they do, check out their official website.