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One of Raine's biggest hobbies has always been gaming. It all started with an Atari and spread out to Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: the Gathering, and Dungeons & Dragons. As an artist, Raine takes pride in painting models for games as well as making his own terrain. He's also been a writer for many years, working both in the journalism industry and writing pieces of fiction. He decided to create Initiative : Tabletop as a platform to talk about all things gaming that he simply thought were cool, and reviewing games became a part of it!

Shadows of Brimstone: Entering the Darkness

Shadows of Brimstone Cover

One of the Kickstarters that I just flat missed out on was Shadows of Brimstone by Flying Frog Productions. I kicked myself in the rear for not backing the project when I had the chance, even though we mentioned it briefly while it was up and running. The campaign received a lot of attention and funded quite successfully. There was a lot of extra stuff included with the base reward levels and several stretch goals were hit. The game started shipping recently and some retail stores got shipments of the core sets for the game (there are two). At Gen Con 2014 I stopped by the Flying Frog booth and gushed over the sight of the games and it only made me want it more. You see, I have a soft spot in my heart for wild west games, and the fact that Shadows of Brimstone adds in some Lovecraftian horror makes it even better.

Around the holidays, after seeing the game pretty much all over my social media feeds and in the news I decided I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to have the game. I was lucky enough to get some great gifts for the holidays, and in the midst of all the gift-giving I was lucky enough to snag myself not just one core set, but both core sets for the game – City of Ancients and Swamps of Death. Once both sets were tucked safely here at the office I immediately cracked them open and started going through their contents.

I plan on reviewing both sets in the near future, but before that there has been a lot of work I’ve gone through. As many of you know I’m quite the fan of miniatures games and I collect, assemble, and paint all sorts of models from various different games. Shadows of Brimstone is a miniature board game that’s pretty much a dungeon crawler set in the wild west. Players take the role of heroes that embody various iconic classes of person back in the time as they travel into mines to search for a mysterious ore known as Dark Stone. Along the way the posse will encounter all sorts of terrors spilling out from portals leading to other worlds, as the Dark Stone has reacted in such a way that said portals have been opened.

I just finished painting all of my models for the game and I thought I’d share them here. After all, what better place to show off tabletop talent than I:T, am I right? I also thought it would be a great time to mention my plans with the game moving forward. Currently, Kae and I sat down with some friends and have embarked on a campaign through the game. We plan to play every mission from beginning to end and I will be chronicling our progress in a series of posts right here on the site. I plan on writing them up like journal entries, or short stories that you all can read. I’ve gotten some great feedback so far about my ideas so now it’s time to put them into action!

The first in those series of posts will be coming soon, but for now I wanted to show off my completed work for the Shadows of Brimstone models! Take a look below and tell me what you think! Are you a fan of the game? Do you have work to show off as well? Send them to us and we’ll share!

Until next time, get your hats and guns ready, ’cause it’s gonna be one heck of a time!


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3 Comments on “Shadows of Brimstone: Entering the Darkness”

  1. Ben C. January 5, 2015 at 1:36 PM #

    I had a similar experience to you… I played a demo of the game at PAX – Seattle and HAD to have it. I was bummed when I found out I missed the Kickstarter campaign (by almost a year…) and emailed Flying Frog numerous times begging them to let me in on the deal, but they could not. Orders had already been placed. I have been out of table-top gaming for many, many years and this was my ticket back. One of my friends saw the game at a gameshop in Seattle and knew I wanted it, so he picked up both core sets for me and I spent the week after Christmas putting together the minis and running a few test rounds to get the mechanics down. I LOVE the game. I am not a painter though, so I’m going to have to find somewhere that will give me lessons, or maybe commission a painter. I’ll be eager to see your journals and after playing a few rounds myself, I bet the journal idea will work very well for you and fit in the time period. So awesome.

    • Raine January 6, 2015 at 9:24 AM #


      That’s awesome! Thanks for the support. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve for SoB, and some surprises are coming! I can’t wait to get started on those journal entries, and I hope they inspire you. Thanks for commenting!


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