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Written Review – Cards & Punishment

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Are you looking for more ways to offend your friends and yourself? Well, then the answer is obviously more cards for Cards Against Humanity. A new “unofficial, unauthorized, underground, black market expansion” is available now for consideration called Cards & Punishment. Like CAH, you’ll get open ended questions on black cards and absurd or awful answers on white cards. If you’re nervous about buying expansions to CAH that are from third party publishers, then check out what you’re getting into.

What You Get

Cards & Punishment comes in a small black and white box with some red filigree, fancy lettering, and a set of handcuffs. With some previews of cards on the back, Volume One contains

  • 35 black cards
  • 80 white cards

What To Expect

This expansion pack follows the same rules in Cards Against Humanity, so no surprises there. The main differences will be new card text options and a different font type.

The questions include many topics from pop culture references, overuse of hashtags, and celebrity references.

Did I mention pop culture references?

As expected with anything related to CAH, your answers will be random, varied, and oftentimes offensive. But, it wouldn’t be a CAH expansion pack without some offensive cards, right? Right.

The answers hold a lot of pop culture references as well.

And of course, the random and bizarre.

How Bad Can It Be?

We got some funny combinations from this pack when mixed in with our core CAH set, as well as a fun mini game when we just used the expansion set. As with any other expansion for the game, you’ll find some cards are probably only funny with the right question card. I thought the quality of the cards was good. They have a little bit more texture than CAH does, but not so much that it will throw off your shuffling before finding out how horrible your friends are. The only punishment we found with this expansion is the one your guts will get from laughing.

If Cards & Punishment looks like it will be right for your gaming group, then you can pick up this expansion from their website, and you only have to give up $14 to get it in your collection!