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Tabletop Workshop: 28mm Castle Kits Complete and In Stock, See the Final Product

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As we’ve mentioned before, the 28mm Castle Kit project, perhaps the biggest undertaking by Tabletop Workshop thus far, is pretty awesome. We’ve been chronicling the project’s progress, and now it has met its end. Tabletop Workshop has just announced that the Castle Kit is complete and now available for purchase direct from their website.

From the company:

For the first time ever, gamers can design a unique Castle any shape and size. Want to make your Castle taller? Simply add more Tower and Wall middle levels. Smaller? Take the middle levels out completely. Tabletop Workshop Kits are designed to be glued into separate levels and each level uses the same clip and fit system. This means that like a Construction Set, walls can be built up to be as big or small as the creator desires. Want to position your figures inside the Castle? The parapet can be removed during the game allowing easy access to the inside. Simply station your figure next to one of our medieval arrow slits and reign terror from the sky.

Not everyone wants a square Castle. That’s why we’ve designed the Tower and Walls to connect at four different angles through the Connector Sets. These angles are 90, 120, 150 and 180 degrees. In fact, we recently set up a Castle Creation Centre to show off our favorite designs. Our Standard Castle Set offers 3 Walls, 1 Wall Gate, 4 Towers and 4 Connector Sets. Add 2 Towers, 2 Walls and 2 Connector Sets to this and you have the ability to create your very own Hexagonal Castle! Furthermore, add 4 Towers, 4 Walls and 4 Connector Sets for a massive Octagonal Castle.

Gamers can get a great kit for around £100, which will end up costing you close to $200. The Castle Kit is made of hard resin, and it’ll stand the test of time just as the rest of the products from Tabletop Workshop. We’ve got the Cottage and Chapel here at the office, and they’re staples on our wargaming table. If you’re looking to bulk up your terrain with a full-on castle, give Tabletop Workshop a try.