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Z-Man News, BGG Con, and Updates

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In the blink of an eye BGG Con has sneaked up on us. We just completed our move out to Texas quite recently and in the midst of the giant whirlwind we’ve been preparing for what we’ll be doing at the convention. We’ve got some exciting news, but before we get to that let’s take a look at what’s going on with Z-Man Games. Trust me, it’ll all tie in at the end of this post.

Z-Man has been busy putting around the world to different events, and they’ll not be missing BGG Con at all. Pandemic: Survival events have been taking the world by storm, and the next great event will be happening at EuroQuest out in Maryland on November 15th. Right after that, however, the tournament will be swinging through Texas at BGG Con. To sign yourself up for an event, be sure to send an email to and put “Pandemic: Survival – [name of the event]” in the subject line.