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Formerly a PC-exclusive gamer, Kae was introduced to the tabletop world by gateway of the World of Warcraft TCG. Since then, her interests have broadened with her favorite games including Battlestar Galactica, Pathfinder, Lord of the Rings LCG, WarmaHordes, and more. Kae is willing to try just about any game and loves learning new strategy.

Quick News Nov 1 – Nov 7

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Friday is upon us, gamers! We hope that your week has been awesome, and that you’re following us on social media, as we’ve been pretty active there this past week! We think that this week has been very productive in regards to running the site, playing games, and leading our daily lives. We’ve compiled news from what we’ve posted this week and some extra tidbits as well. Enjoy your weekly news!

Game Announcements and Releases

  • Fantasy Flight Games released a preview of the newest pack for Warhammer 40K: Conquest!
  • Latest Saga Expansion in the Lord of the Rings LCG, The Treason of Saruman, has been announced. Also, Nightmare Decks for Heirs of Numenor are now available.
  • Somewhat related, Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new rotation for their LCG’s. Star Wars LCG, Android : Netrunner, Call of Cthulhu, A Game of Thrones, and Warhammer 40K: Conquest will now have cards/cycles that rotate out. This decision came from many factors such as intimidation of new players because of the vast number of cards available, and the ease for retailers to not have to carry every cycle in existence for games. Read the announcement for more information on how this will affect your game. (Lord of the Rings LCG is excluded from this rotation because it is a cooperative LCG)
  • WARMACHINE Weekend commences this weekend with Warmachine and Hordes events, and Privateer Press will be there. If you’re in the area, we’d highly recommend attending to at least watch the events!
  • Rise of Tiamat is now available for your D&D adventuring needs!


  • Solforge players will soon be able to share copies of cards they purchase with gold in game with friends on their game friends list. Multi-forging and more features are also coming to Solforge, so check it out!
  • Wave 9 for Star Trek Attack Wing has some preview pics up.
  • High Command : Faith & Fortune is getting its first expansion pack!
  • Need more Pandemic? We always need more Pandemic. Three new mini expansions are coming for this beloved game that defeats us so often.
  • Privateer Press has made some official Warmachine and Hordes measuring tools for quick measuring during your game and will cost $7.99.


  • If you have kids, and want to get a game that they’ll play more than once and get them in the holiday spirit at the same time, we’ve found the game for you. No Sweets For Santa is based on a book written by the project creator and is a card game that grows with the player. First level of play is a simple matching game, second level is essentially Go Fish, and the third is Go Fish with the use of some special cards – this is certainly not a one-play-only game!
  • Epic Death not hardcore enough for you? Maybe this expansion (still in preview) will do it for you!
  • Who DOESN’T want LED lights in their miniature wargaming models? No one that I know. That may be a stretch, but I could see some awesome glowing green lights happening with my Cryx army. Check out PoweredPlay Gaming’s PoweredBases project! This is a must see for any miniature wargamer!
  • Regnum Angelica has been fully shipped, and a final update has been posted with information on replacements (if needed) and the future for Black Locust Games!

Other Interesting Articles And Finds

  • Check out this custom Munchkin card box by @hideindoors on Twitter!
  • So, while doing a search to record a play on BGG, I stumbled on a…Batman Love Letter? I was skeptical but read this piece and it seems legit. Do you think Love Letter is getting out of hand, or is less love and more face-punching a great way to continue the line?
  • Funny little story about a goblin over on the Paizo blog – nice light read.
  • Need some painting tips from a master? Privateer Press has a post with info on caring for your mini bases and some other miscellaneous tips.
  • Watch the FFG World Championship Weekend live on Twitch.tv!
  • South Park featured a scene at the end of a recent episode with a bunch of board games including Zombicide, Mice & Mystics, King of Tokyo, Dead of Winter, Lords of Waterdeep, and Merchants & Marauders.

south park board games

What We’re Playing

  • Iron & Ale is a card game that’s gotten a lot of buzz lately with its successful sale at Gen Con, and its current Kickstarter going on now for an expansion. We got it to the table and played it with some house rules for no drinking (c’mon, we had a 15 year old playing with us!) and it was still fantastic!
  • Got a quiet game out of Tsuro in as well – I really thought I had my opponents, but my sister trapped me in a corner and my only choice was to send myself off the board.
  • Sister’s favorite game lately has been Love Letter, so we broke that out, too. It wasn’t looking good for me for a while, but I caught up and pulled off a win!
  • Ah, Last Night On Earth. Maybe a bit late since Halloween was last week, but we love zombies! I played the Heroes and we defeated enough zombies before sunrise to claim victory!

We hope that some of you have followed us here from our social media, and maybe you’ve wandered over there from here. Keep watching those sites for news throughout the week and chat with us! We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Have a great weekend folks, and as always, happy gaming!


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