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Iron & Ale : King of the Keg Now On Kickstarter

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We had the pleasure of meeting the fine folks behind Table Forged, LLC this year at Gen Con and have been playing their game, Iron & Ale in preparation for a review (coming soon!). They did so well, in fact, that they sold out of their games before the end of the convention, and they’ve just launched a Kickstarter page for the first expansion to their hit game. Iron & Ale : King of the Keg expands on the interactive Dwarven drinking and questing game and gives players the power to create their own action cards and invoke the powers of Dwarven Kings.

Being the King gives you extra actions that you can take, so abusing the power is up to you! New relic cards come in this set as well. Maybe you’ve heard of the game but didn’t get in on the original Kickstarter or stopped by the booth too late at Gen Con? There is good news for you – if you add $25 to your pledge for the expansion, they’ll send you the base game with it! Table Forged wants to make sure that gamers get the experience of both games, so take them up on this offer!

More monsters and Meadhall cards, the chance to make your own Meadhall cards, and plenty of add-ons are available through this project. Stretch goals so far include more blank Meadhall cards and Monster cards, with plenty of room for more stretch goals as needed.  Check out the project page for pledge levels, reviews of the base game and a sweet gif of a dwarven kiss. King of the Keg ends on November 19th, so grab yer keg and cleave your way to the throne!