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Get Ready Brown Coats, Firefly: Tall Card is Coming

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So yer out in the ‘Verse, and you’ve got yerself some time ta kill eh? Are ya between jobs, or hidin’ out to get the Alliance off yer tail? If so, then I’ve got some great news for ya. You’ve got plenty a’time to play some Tall Card, and we’ve done got everything ya need to be playin’ it.

That’s right Brown Coats, the dream is coming to life. Toy Vault Inc. has just announced that they’ll be releasing Firefly: Tall Card, the very game that our favorite characters play right in the holds of Serenity. The game will be releasing early- to mid-January, and game stores should be taking pre-orders for it very soon. You’d better get those jobs done so you can throw down some cash to secure a copy!

The box will contain over 45 cards, including the fabled Tall Cards straight from the television flick. There will also be 50 additional cards included to allow players to create their own games and customize Tall Card to their liking. Whether you want to get some betting games going with cash, or gamble away your chores, you’ll get the chance to do so early next year!