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Doomtown Deck Builder And Other Doomtown Goodies

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For fans of Doomtown, a website has recently been launched that will aid them to build their decks with many options. DoomtownDB, or Doomtown Deck-Builder, is a website where you can explore options for building your faction’s deck, or you can even submit your own line-up.  DoomtownDB was launched this weekend by Alsciende, and the website is growing and will get more features as time goes on.

In addition with this announcement, AEG wanted to thank, and share, resources that the gaming community has created for Doomtown players to better their games. There are multiple podcasts and community pages that have been mentioned by the company. Between several podcast options and the new DoomtownDB, you’ll be able to build the best decks in Gomorra!

Another link provided by AEG that I think is worthy of noting is Doomtown on OCTGN. You can upload and test your decks before taking them to game night and make changes as needed. A full description on how to use the program and where to download the files you need are available on this site. If you get the chance to use these resources, let us know? If you’ve already used them, please share your experience for others to check out!