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Strife: Legacy of the Eternals On Kickstarter

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V3G, the Indianapolis-based company responsible for creating Incredibrawl, is back again with another intricate card game. This time they’re working on a tarot-esque strategic card game called Strife: Legacy of the Eternals. The game is now on Kickstarter, and with just about a month to go the project is nearly one-third funded. The game is setup for 2 players and combines unique abilities with combo-creating gameplay that will keep players interested time and time again.

Here’s a synopsis of the game straight from its Kickstarter page:

Strife, a two-player, tarot-sized, strategy card game that plays in around an hour, is a game of perfect information in which you always know your opponent’s options. Aside from mastering the unique combo-creating gameplay of your champions, figuring out how to outmaneuver your opponent is where the true challenge lies.

Each player has the same hand of ten champions and will simultaneously play them as they fight over key locations throughout the world of Aerim, each worth varying victory points. Each champion has two abilities: a battle ability that’s triggered during battles and a legacy ability that can be used only while on top of the legacy (discard) pile. This creates an intricate latticework of strategy for the players as each champion must be considered for not only what he can do in the current battle, but also for which ability he will add to the next.

The artwork on the cards is simply amazing. The card size fits that of the tarot-looking genre, and it reminds me of A Fool’s Fortune, which was quite the fun game. Strife debuted at Gen Con this year and the versions of the game that V3G brought all sold out within the weekend. The strategy in Strife keeps it playable over multiple games, even when considering each player has the same cards available to them throughout each play through.

For $15 you can get your own copy of Strife: Legacy of the Eternals and all stretch goals the campaign unlocks between now and October 30th. With the campaign already a third funded, I can see it coming through to its end on top. The game looks like a lot of fun, the artwork is fantastic, and the rules make for quick, yet strategic gameplay with each time you crack open the box. I think V3G has got another successful title in their midst, so make sure you’re a part of it and slap down a pledge!