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Litko to Release New Tokens, Flight Bases, Markers, and More for Dropzone Commander

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As announced by the Wargames and Terrain blog, Litko has revealed some pretty sweet stuff coming to Dropzone Commander. According to the preview, the company will be making some tokens, flight bases, markers, and templates for the wargame that’s growing in popularity. The tokens all look bright and easy-to-read, just as you’d expect from Litko.

Talking specifically, the line of products will include flight bases with firing arcs clearly marked, Blast/LZ templates, building damage markers, scenario tokens, and tokens that are faction-specific. In releasing this new line of products, Litko has taken a lot of player feedback into account. They have worked hard to ensure that the tokens and such reflect all the necessary information players need to accurately play their game.

There’s no mention of a release date or pricing yet, but I assume we’ll be hearing more on that very soon. The set looks pretty awesome, and I’m impressed as always with Litko’s attention to detail. If you’re a Dropzone Commander player you’ll certainly want to keep an eye out for this coming soon.