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Third Party Releases Box Insert for Mice & Mystics and Heart of Glorm

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If you love opening your Mice & Mystics box to find your pieces strewn about and went into a mousey fit of rage, then this piece of news is sure to interest you. Rob Searing, who has created Foam Core inserts for many games, has made an insert that will fit into your base box for Mice & Mystics and hold all of your items safely and neatly. This tray holds all of the bits and pieces from the core game as well as Heart of Glorm and the two mini expansions.

Gamers have found alternate ways to organize their games. We have used jewelry boxes to organize many of our pieces, but since painting the minis, we’ve been keeping an eye out for a more ideal way to store one of our beloved games. It holds all of the tokens, dice, and cards you can get from all of these games and the best part is, they’ll even fit in the box if they’re sleeved.

Plaid Hat Games made this announcement on their website and fans are already buzzing about it. This set has been added to the growing list of Rob Searing’s organization inserts on his website, and will cost you $42.00. If you’re a frequent player of the game, this looks like a pretty good deal, especially since foam core has been known to stand the test of time. Check out this and the other insert trays that are available for some of your favorite games!