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Root Dice, by World Nine Goods, Up on Kickstarter

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As a tabletop gamer, I somewhat consider myself a connoisseur of dice. I’ve got all sorts of dice, ranging from special sets specific to games all the way to handmade dice from local artisans. Speaking of the latter, a group of game developers turned artisans have taken to Kickstarter to release their own handmade dice they’re calling Root Dice.

Root Dice are handmade wooden dice, but they’re crafted with a spin: the wood used to make the dice comes from Bog Woods. For those that don’t know, Bog Woods are a result of a tree falling and then quickly being buried underground or submerged in water. With care and the right timing these trees can be salvaged and contain some very old wood that can be worked with.

The Root Dice look amazing, and World Nine Goods is even implementing their own system to make tons of uses out of just a handful of six-sided dice. Each set includes the following:

  • 2D6 in ancient Kauri
  • 1 Modified Fudge Die in Bog Oak
  • 1 Fours Die made in Sinker Cypress
  • 1 Fives Die made in Sinker Cypress
  • 1 Tens Die in Sinker Cypress

What’s even cooler is that all the dice come in their own special handmade pouch. Man, World Nine Goods is really putting the term handmade to work here! For pledging just $29 you can get your own set of Root Dice and show them off during your games. I definitely think they’re worth it, and having some dice made from this special wood is something you can brag about to your gamer buddies that not many others will be able to! Head on over to the Kickstarter page to see more.