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Written Review – High Command : WARMACHINE – Into The Breach

high command warmachine into the breach cover

We were finally able to get our first opportunities to fine-tune our faction decks with the release of The Big Guns in December of 2013. Soon after in February of 2014, another pack was made available to further customize your decks – Into the Breach. Into the Breach offers players the ability to start building decks off of crazy combos among the cards from both the base set and the last expansion. The real question that most players probably have is if you really need both expansions, or is one better than the other? We’ll talk about what comes with Into the Breach and what it brings to the battlefield.

# Players:


Play Time:

45-90 mins


Privateer Press

What Comes In This Expansion

Like the game’s last expansion, The Big Guns, you’ll find the content list of Into The Breach to be the same, but with brand new Warriors, Warjacks, and some powerful new Warcasters.

  • 4 new Warcaster cards (one each for Cygnar, Khador, Menoth, and Cryx)
  • 20 unit cards for each faction (Cygnar, Khador, Menoth, and Cryx) – 4 new card types, 5 of each card
  • 1 rule reference card

The rule reference card doesn’t really need to be addressed in this review as it was featured in our review of The Big Guns. Please check out the contents list on that review for an explanation of the rule reference card, pips, and what they do for the game.

high command warmachine into the breach contents

About This Expansion

Still no rule changes, only new cards to customize your enemy-wrecking armies. We’ll break them down by faction and give you a peek and what you can expect.


Players will meet Master Necrotech Mortenebra. She gives friendly Warjacks +1 power, but also allows a friendly card to move from another location to hers when you rush her. She packs a power value of 4.

With Mortenebra comes the Bile Thrall Horde, which force opponents to discard cards when they are destroyed. Along with the theme of destroying units, the Atramentous Revenant Crew can be deployed from your hand without paying any cost if one or more enemy units have been destroyed at any location at the end of your turn. That can be devastating, especially if you have two of them (the max number you can have in a deck) in your hand.

high command warmachine into the breach cryx

The Corruptor is a big Warjack that allows you to draw a card if any enemy cards at its location get destroyed that turn, allowing you more choices. The last Warjack in this set for Cryx is the Scavenger. The Scavenger surveys the scene at the end of a turn and destroys an enemy card if it is the only enemy card at its location. Picking off the last of the survivors, if you will.

Protectorate of Menoth

Menoth players get to to utilize high Executioner Servath Reznik, also a Power 4 Warcaster. He gives friendly Warjacks +1 Power, but also takes some control over other players’ reserves. When he is rushed, that player can refresh one card in every player’s reserves, possibly messing up an opponent’s next turn.

The Flameguard Cleanser Phalank keep the battlefield ablaze, by ensuring that anything that is not already suffering from fire damage is burned at least once by reducing an enemy card’s health by -1 until the end of the turn. Additionally, the Daughters of the Flame allow you to skip your attack phase altogether and destroy an enemy warrior card with 4 health or less at their location.

high command warmachine into the breach menoth

The Protectorate’s Warjacks being introduced with this set include the Castigator, who destroys an enemy warrior card with 2 Health or less at the start of an attack phase, and the fearsome Dervish. The Dervish gains +1 Power when two or more enemy cards are hanging out in the same location as he is.


Cygnar players can welcome in Constance Blaize, Knight of the Prophet as a new option to lead their army into battle. She also gives friendly Warjacks +1 Power, but Divine Intervention packs a lot of power, stating that friendly warriors at her location cannot be destroyed.

More Trenchers are coming to the party with Into the Breach – Trencher Scattergunner Team lets you skip your attack and instead destroy all enemies with Health equal to its power (2), but only if it is the only friendly card at a location. Next up, the Trencher Commando Team works like the Protectorate’s Daughters of the Flame, and can destroy an enemy card with health 4 or less in place of your attack phase if it is the only friendly card present at its location.

high command warmachine into the breach cygnar

The Sentinel reduces your enemies’ power by 1 when locations have at least one friendly unit with Covering Fire, raising your chances to survive an attack. The big boy of the Cygnar Warjacks is the Centurian. This Warjack increases its power by its base power (2)  if there is only one enemy at its location.


Kommander Harkevich, The Iron Wolf steps out onto the scene in this expansion, bringing a hefty punch with him. He gives the standard +1 Power to friendly Warjacks, but also can double the base power of a friendly warjack at his location. With the right Warjack, this can be a certain win if played correctly.

The Assaunt Kommando Kompany protects you as it prevents other player’s abilities from forcing you to discard cards or reduce their health. The Kommando Flamethrower Kompany works like Menoth’s Flamegaurd Cleanser Phalank and reduces a card’s health by -1 if they’re not already suffering from a Fire effect.

high command warmachine into the breach khador

The Devastator is a large, but slow guy in the line of your defensive tactics in the game. He can’t attack when he is deployed, but gains +3 Health until your next turn. When your attack step starts, it kills everything (including your cards) with 3 or less Health.

Will Into the Breach Get Players Back Into The Game?

To answer that simply, yes.

I mentioned in The Big Guns’ review that the ability to actually treat this game as a deck-builder was gaining some speed, and I still feel that is true. I do feel that in Into the Breach, players are finally really seeing the true nature of each of these factions and how they play, especially when relating to their factions in the miniatures game world. That aside, more combos are coming to light and the Warcasters are gaining more unique abilities that can create some devastatingly powerful decks.

There is still an argument among players that you can somewhat secure a win by playing Khador because of their high VP card count, and that fact unfortunately doesn’t change with this expansion. Khador rings in at 20VP amongst the cards in this set, while the rest only carry 10. That can be good news if you’re a Khador player, but for a Cryx player like me, not so much. However, my favorite cards in this deck do include the new Cryx Warcaster, but also Menoth’s Warcaster. Mortenebra doesn’t have the best ability, but having 4 Power makes her a strong caster. Servath Reznik’s ability to refresh a card in each player’s reserves is crazy good – almost good enough to make me consider building a Protectorate of Menoth deck!

I’m still liking the limitations of the number of some cards in a deck, because it does bring some balance to an otherwise Khador-favored VP game. Into the Breach runs for $15.99, and is a good buy for those into the game, or curious about giving the game another shot. This is probably my favorite expansion of the two that have been released so far, and I might even go so far as to say that I’d suggest picking up Into the Breach before The Big Guns.

Buy This Game IT ButtonThanks to Privateer Press for providing a copy of High Command: WARMACHINE – Into the Breach for review!


  • More combos are becoming available
  • The theme of the varying factions are coming through in this setD10 Rating 8
  • The Warcasters are gaining more uniqueness from each other


  • Still quite a lack of balance amongst factions in regards to VP (Khador overpowered with this)

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