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Wizzards of the Coast Posts New D&D Character Sheet

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Wizards of the Coast has, as a company, been working hard on bringing players a new edition of Dungeons & Dragons that will not only help get new players into the game but make existing players happy. A lot of players walked away when 4th Edition released, while some players unfamiliar with D&D found it a great jumping-off point to get into the game. You can’t please everyone, though, and some players have remained disgruntled since AD&D 2nd Edition released back in the day.

The company has been showing off previews of their work over the past year, and just recently revealed the new character sheet design for the new edition, releasing later this year. The character sheet shows a bit more emphasis on role-playing, and less emphasis on moving about the map and combat. The stats are easier to see, and skills have been moved to the left side of the page. There’s room for personality traits, ideals, and more.

Here’s a look at the character sheet:

While I can see the potential in the new design, there are a lot of players who aren’t too happy about it. A lot of them are looking at the content included with the preview, claiming that it’s unoriginal and are afraid that the creative direction of 5th Edition will be going right down the kobold hole. I think that the layout is nice, and there’s a lot more in your face to help push role-playing, which I feel the game has been lacking. What do you think?