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SolForge Now Available on Android – In Canada!

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SolForge may be one of the best digital card games I’ve ever played. It’s smashed the iOS and not too long ago made its move to the PC masses. The first digital card game made to be truly multiplatform, SolForge is now on Android in Canada as announced by Stone Blade Entertainment. This is the same company that brought us Ascension, one of the best-selling deck building games on the market.

In SolForge, players build and customize decks using cards from different factions and compete with one another on a battlefield. You have access to different creatures, structures and spells to do battle with your opponent, but the real ingenuity in SolForge comes with the special ability to level-up cards. As you play a card from your hand a more powerful version gets placed in your discard pile to come up later. Eventually you’ll have some big baddies that can really turn the tide of the game in your favor as long as you play them strategically.

SolForge is still free-to-play, and you can access your account from any device that can play the game. This means you’ll never lose your decks, cards, or progress. With Stone Blade regularly updating the game, there’s plenty to see and enjoy. There’s no information on a US release date for the game on Android, so we’ll keep holding our breath.