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Mantic Games Talks About Opening Day, Offers Community Roundup

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The team across the pond at Mantic Games has been hard at work with moving things around, and their new warehouse is just about to open. Just as we’re moving offices here and rearranging things, Mantic is caught up in a whirlwind of change. Change isn’t bad, however, and the company has got plenty to talk about! They’ve just posted a weekly roundup post not only detailing a bit more about the grand opening as well as what’s happening in the Mantic world.

Earlier last month Mantic picked up a new community manager, and she’s been working hard at, well, helping manage the Mantic community. In her most recent post we learn that Mantic’s Opening Day will be coming up next week. The new warehouse (that I totally wish I could visit) will be opening early in the morning and there will be all sorts of tournaments for many of Mantic’s games taking place. Players can look forward to jumping into some DreadBall, Deadzone, and more for the day.

The post finishes with some great links to Mantic happenings, such as painting tips on the forums, the company’s Twitter page, and more. If you’re looking for a hub for all things Mantic, make sure you stick to the company’s official blog. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Mantic as the new warehouse opens. It’s a great time for the company, and we’re looking forward to what we’ll be seeing in the future!