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Raine's been gaming for as long as he can remember. It all started back with his video gaming roots, and as he got older he transitioned into tabletop. A lover of all games, some of his favorites include Pathfinder, Battlestar Galactica, Magic: the Gathering, D&D Attack Wing, Regnum Angelica, and Warmachine/Hordes. Raine's been writing for many years, and loves being a part of the gaming industry.

Outbreak: Deep Space on Kickstarter – Survival Horror RPG in Space

Outbreak Deep Space

It’s been close to a week. Life support systems are failing. Half the crew is dead, and the rest of us are dying. We’re running out of rations, ammunition is scarce, and those…things are still out there. We were fools to think we could learn anything from them. They can’t communicate, and they’ve slaughtered nearly everyone on board. All we can do is wait, and pray that our distress signal will be found soon. That’s a funny thing to say now – pray. What sort of God would hear us now? What sort of God would make these…monstrosities?

Hunters Books, the company responsible for bringing us Outbreak: Undead, is back with a new type of horror. They’ve just introduced Outbreak: Deep Space, a survival horror RPG set in the deep, deep darkness of space. The game is currently undergoing a funding campaign through Kickstarter, and with 18 days to go the campaign is 85% funded. For all those sci-fi fans looking to run a horror campaign in space, this is definitely something worth looking into. I’m a HUGE fan of the Dead Space video game series, and Outbreak: Deep Space seems to follow some of the same aesthetics, settings, and themes found from those games. This would also be a perfect way to connect some video games to a tabletop world!

Outbreak: Deep Space allows for multiple types of game settings, letting players truly create a campaign that will fit their liking. For instance, players can create one of the following campaigns:

  • Infestation Terror – Run a campaign of Biological Infestation opponents using ‘Viral’ elements, aka “Zombies in space”.
  • Invasion Terror – Run a campaign where your players are attacked by sentient creatures, be they human or alien.
  • Trans Dimensional Terror – Run a campaign where your players are under siege from terrors from beyond our mortal comprehension. Simply replace the Viral mechanic with ‘Sanity Loss’.

The initial campaign booklet is still being edited and finalized, and once complete it’s set to be 240 pages, hardbound. Outbreak: Deep Space offers a unique tech system that allows players to create weaponry and tools for use in-game. This version of the game also introduces a new streamlined combat system that allows characters to use multiple types of weapons, and players to differentiate from multiple characters using the same weapons. The campaign offers all sorts of add-ons, such as Hunter dice, reference cards, and Academy Boosters which contain equipment cards and more. Be sure to check out the campaign and get ready to face horror in the blackness of space!


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