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DECA, A New Card Gaming Deck Box, Now on Kickstarter

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I’ve been playing card games for a long time. It all started with Magic: the Gathering, and now I’m into games like Android: Netrunner, Berserk, and a handful of others. One thing that’s common across all card games, no matter the genre, is the need to keep your cards organized. For Magic and Netrunner it’s easy to get a couple of deck boxes to keep your cards all in line, but even then things can get a bit clumsy.

Four teens based in California, who have all been playing card games for years, have come together to offer a new storage solution to gamers in need. They’ve introduced DECA, a new card gaming deck box that allows you not only to store your cards, but to play right from the box itself. DECA is made from both wood and acrylic, offering different options to fit all sorts of gamer preferences. What’s so unique about the DECA is that it offers a tray that allows you to play with your deck kept nice and neat right inside the box. This would especially be handy for games of Commander in Magic!

DECA is now on Kickstarter, and in fact, the campaign has already been funded with 10 days to go. Starting at pledge levels of $25, you can get a DECA for yourself which will ship in September. Hedron Design has got quite an interesting product on their hands, and it looks like it could change the way we play card games in the future. With all the options for customization, there’s something for every gamer in the DECA arsenal. Make sure you head to the campaign page and get yourself one while you still can!