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Deep-Cut Studio Reveals Two New RPG Maps

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Deep-Cut Studio has revealed today that they’ve got two brand new RPG maps from the Lord Zsezse line coming soon. The first map is the Temple of Abaddon, with the other being Oargkan’s Labyrinth. Both of these new maps will be available starting May 12th, which is right around the corner!

The Temple of Abaddon looks pretty awesome and it reminds me of the artwork from the map tiles in Claustrophobia. It would work well for any place of cult worship, or you could even use it as a smuggling outpost – anything goes! Oargkan;s Labyrinth is a pretty basic map, but it will serve any GM well when throwing players into something that will sure get their minds a little twisted.

As always with Deep-Cut, these maps are available for pre-order, and for doing so you’ll get 10% off the retail price. It’s not a bad deal, and if you grab both maps together you’ll get some great savings. Make sure you check out the other RPG maps in the line, too, to make sure you aren’t missing out on anything!