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The Agents Came Back To Kickstarter And Has Already Surpassed Goal

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After The Agents had an incredibly successful first Kickstarter last year, Saar Shai has returned with the double-edged card game to make it even better. If you missed your chance to get in on this awesome game, or are looking for more expansions, this is a project you should have your eyes on. After the speedy funding of the first funding, it isn’t surprising that the second crowd-funding project has already surpassed its funding goal, and still has 28 days remaining.

If you haven’t checked out Raine’s review on the original game, I’d highly recommend checking it out. He’ll tell you how to play the game and his thoughts on why The Agents should be a part of your collection. The double-edged mechanic is a huge draw and keeps you constantly thinking a few turns ahead in order to come out ahead. Backers of the first Kickstarter can get cards that are fixed from the first game, and add expansions to their collection as well as some updated rules.

Expansions such as Events, Break the Rules, and Bounties are up for grabs, and obviously fans have already responded with great positivity. Boxes to hold all of your cards, art, and so much more are available, which is worth having for any fan of The Agents. With the game successfully delivered from the first Kickstarter, there are few risks involved. Check it out, and choose your actions wisely!