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Fantasy Flight Posts Huge Ship Rules for X-Wing Miniatures

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X-Wing fans have been going crazy ever since the first huge ship information was leaked for the game. Many speculated on if both sides of the Force would get huge ships, and their hopes were answered when Fantasy Flight announced the GR-75 medium transport and the CR90 Corellian corvette. Both ships are now on their way to retailers, and there are only a couple of weeks left until players can pick up the Rebel Transport Expansion Pack and play through the game’s first multi-mission campaign.

In efforts to help get players ready for these huge ships to hit the table, Fantasy Flight has posted a giant article explaining many different rules for how to use the ships in-game. Also posted are the details for Epic Play, a brand new type of gameplay for X-Wing Miniatures. Both sets of rules come in a sweet .pdf file that you can download and print off to keep with your game.

I’ll leave the details for the full Fantasy Flight article, but the developers did want to let players in on how the design process of these ships worked out. Straight from the developer’s mouths, here’s what the team thought when first going into designing the Rebel Transport and Tantive IV Expansion Packs:

When we began the design process for the GR-75 medium transport and the Tantive IV, we knew three things:

  1. We wanted these ships to function in a new, exciting and utterly distinctive way.
  2. We needed them to interact smoothly with the core X-Wing rules.
  3. And we wanted them to be absolute monsters on the battlefield — but appropriately priced and balanced against both the existing small and large ship and against each other.

To meet our first and second goals, the first thing we had to do was figure out a new movement system. We knew the standard rules for movement obviously wouldn’t work for a ship the size of the transport or Tantive IV, so we decided to develop a special, huge ship maneuvering template.

You can check out the full article for some awesome images, including the new huge ship movement template. It will take some strategic planning to field these new ships, but with these rules available now there’s plenty of time to get familiar with what the expansions will bring to the game. Both of these ships sure excite me, and X-Wing is about to warp to the next level!