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Spartan Games Announces Dystopian Wars v2.0

Dystopian Wars v2.0 Book

Spartan Games has announced Dystopian Wars v2.0, a vast improvement on an already amazing miniatures game. Since its release Dystopian Wars has expanded as a game to encompass seven core nations, as well as numerous Alliance nations and mercenaries. The model count for the game is literally in the hundreds and continues
to grow as the devastating world war intensifies. Across the seven core nations there are now over 320 models to game with, and this does not include the likes of the Ottoman Empire, Chinese Federation, Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, League of Italian States, Australians (Free and Royalists), Kingdom of Denmark, Black Wolf, Eclipse Company and East India Company.

With the 2.0 rulebook, the main focus has been on clarifying the core rules. These clarifications will help speed up gameplay, making it easier to get into the fun of the game. Mechanics such as Force Deployment and Aerial Models have been enhanced to improve the overall gameplay. A comprehensive background section has been included in the new book, detailing the game’s fiction for each of its factions. The rules will be supplemented by free-to-download supplements and later this year three new Alliance hard-backed books will be available to supplement the game.

In hopes of getting new players into the game, Spartan has put together a brand new two-player box set for Dystopian Wars v2.0. Entitled Operation: Shadow Hunter, here is what the set will include:

Admiral Edition 2.0 Core Rulebook
18 Empire of the Blazing Sun Resin Models
26 Federated States of America Resin Models
2 Wani Terror Ships – including 1 clear ‘Ghost’ model
1 set of 15 dice
1 A5 Campaign Booklet
3 A5 Token and Template Sheets
1 Massive Class Wani Secret Base
2 Packs of Tactical Action Cards
3 A4 ‘Punch Out’ Naval Scenery Sheets
Coloured Micro Dice (Red, Green and White)
3 Resin Node Generator Tokens and 2 Aerial Movement Trays

Here’s a description of the scenario from the box set:

Set in the waters around South America, Operation: Shadow Hunter pits two bitter enemies against each other: the Empire of the Blazing Sun and the Federated States of America. In territory that once belonged to the Republic of Argentina, the forces of the Empire of the Blazing Sun are once again on the move. Their plan is complex, their overall objective still a secret, but the dice have already been rolled and the battle lines drawn. The eastern forces have a new and deadly ally. The infamous Wani have returned from exile, contributing never-before-seen technology to seal their new pact of service with the Empire.

To the north, the FSA has responded with speed to the loss of its own vessels, both military and civilian. In a bid to counter the mysterious ‘Ghost Ship’ the chief scientists of this great nation have accelerated development of their own secret weapon – the Boston Class Submersible – and the American Admirals are eager to prove it in battle. Designed to engage and destroy even the most formidable enemy ships, the Boston Class comes armed with the latest advanced weaponry and a complement of Assault Subs. The scene is set for lethal conflict as two of the deadliest naval forces on the planet clash in the once calm waters off the coast of Brazil.

Operation Shadow Hunter Dystopian Wars v2.0

The Dystopian Wars v2.0 rulebook will release at $60, which is sweet considering the special edition that you’ll get for that price. The Operation: Shadow Hunter box set will retail for $135, and it will include the rulebook. These releases have been slated for May, so we should see them next month. If you’re into Dystopian Wars, or if you’ve been looking to get started in it, now’s the time to breach the surface and start your career in the Victorian miniature wargaming world.


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