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The Coming Storm L5R Cycle Preview Now Out

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The next expansion for the latest base set to AEG’s popular card game, the Legend of the Five Rings, has been announced, and schedules made to preview the next expansion cycle. The Coming Storm will continue to open up new ways to play the game. With a new cycle, comes a precise schedule of when you can expect to see information about your clan’s new cards!

Many previews are coming out for the game, including clan forum previews, the official website, twitter, Facebook, and more! There are various fan sites that will also be posting the previews, so be sure to check out the official forum post with all of the links to your favorite L5R sources. The schedule for the clan forum previews are the following :

Monday, April 21 – Lion at the Castle of the Swift Sword (
Thursday, April 24 – Crane at the Home of the Crane Clan (
Monday, April 28 – Spider at Shinden Fu Leng (
Thursday, May 1 – Phoenix at Gisei Toshi (
Monday, May 5 – Unicorn at Children of the Wind (
Thursday, May 8 – Crab at Crab Clan Catastrophe (
Monday, May 12 – Scorpion at the Dojo of Lies (
Thursday, May 15 – Mantis at Kobune Port (
Monday, May 19 – Dragon at the Dragon Clan (

The Coming Storm’s page will be launched on April 17th, and will come to stores on May 26th. Anxious to see it played? The set will be tournament-legal on June 21st of this year, giving you plenty of time to gather your information and get your decks ready for play! Prepare your army for the Coming Storm!